Saputo • Armstrong • Extra aged Cheddar



PATIENCE (TV spot • 30 s)


“I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow” , O Brother, Where Art Thou original soundtrack

We follow Earnest from childhood to adulthood through a variety of daily situations where he remains patient, while others would have given up: at 6 year old, watching a little seed growing, at 9, waiting for the ice to take hold, at 12, holding the string of his kite, waiting for the wind to pick up, at 18, waiting for a ride on a deserted country road.

We cut inside the Armstrong cheese factory. Our boy, now a 25 year old man, sits and patiently waits for the cheese to mature.

The announcer says: “Armstrong Extra Aged Cheddar. Real taste takes real patience.”


Pour Cossette Montréal